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                        Contact us
                        Address: Liaoning province Haicheng City Teng Ao Zhen Zhou Street Zizhu Road No. 555
                        Complaints Tel: 0412-8997999
                        Office Tel: 0412-8311011
                        Fax: 0412-8311011
                        Zip code: 114225
                        Corporate culture

                        Zizhu group always pay attention to corporate social value realization, to "serve the country, dedication to society, the achievements of employees" as its mission, in the pursuit of economic benefits at the same time, honest treatment and protection of other stakeholders, especially the legitimate rights and interests of employees, consumers, to promote the protection of the environment and friendly, resource conservation and recycling construction, participation, social welfare and charity donation, with its own development and promote the revitalization of the local economy, promote the enterprise and society, community, the coordination of natural and harmonious development, to implement the scientific development concept, building a socialist harmonious society and make a contribution to.

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